Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekly Tech Tip - March Updates to the Digital Backpack

Weekly Tech Tip:

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School's Out Forever - A series of shocking photos showing urban decay in Detroit. Click on the photo to progress to the next image.

the art teacher’s guide to the internet » Blog Archive » What will the future bring? - A couple weeks ago I showed you a clip I made playing around with augmented reality. Well, the clips presented here go a step beyond that. Imagine a digital phone that had a projector built into it that you carry around your neck that allows you to use any surface (even your hand) as a touch computer interface. This technology exists and is in development as we speak. Definitely worth a look.

Have Fun with Living History - Free streaming history videos & activities

langoLAB Spanish - Welcome -This site is kind of like the YouTube of language learning videos.

GOVERNOR PAWLENTY AND MINNESOTA STATE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES CHAIR ANNOUNCE ONLINE LEARNING INITIATIVE -- November 20, 2008 - Long story short, if this bill passes our 8th graders (and all students younger) will need to take at least one online course in high school in order to graduate. Michigan already does this.

Scenes from the recession - The Big Picture - Boston.com

Teacher Professional Partnerships: An Introduction - This video by Education|Evolving does an excellent job of explaining the rational for TPPs.

An Illustraded Explanation of Disruptive Innovation

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly Tech Tip - Augmented Reality

I thought for this week's tech tip we all deserve a little play time. Augmented reality is a new and developing technology the blends the physical with the virtual. Last year Dawn Austin played around with this a bit using webcam games for adaptive physical education. Well, the technology has developed a bit more since then. Watch this short video and imagine the possibilities. Then, try it for yourself using the links below:

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John Lennon - Imagine