Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Google Docs - File Management

As we move forward with our curriculum alignment using Google Docs many of you are likely to find it difficult to locate your files unless you sort them into folders. This week's tech tip is on how to create and use folders in Google Docs.

Tech Tip:

Also, I thought I would share some other bits of interest I have come across this week. Lets call it, "Link Stew."

Link Stew:

Educon2.1 - Last weekend was Educon2.1 in Philadelphia. This was the second annual Educon Conference (or rather unconference). This unconference is quickly becoming one of the biggest events in education in our nation. It is an unconference because there are no formal session presentations. Rather each session is a conversation. While each conversation is led by a facilitator who has the ability to frame the conversation the focus is on dialog. The conference sessions were streamed live this weekend and people were able to attend virtually. The conversation simultneously happend on a backchannel chat window. Sometime this week we can expect the session archives to be posted to this site so people can watch recordings of these sessions. This conference brings together more big name educators and education leaders than any other.

2009 Horizon Report - Each year The New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative collaborate to produce the Horizon Report. The Horizon Report identifies emerging technologies that are likely to have a great impact on technology in the near future (1-5 years). Interestingly, the two technologies predicted to have the greatest impact in the next two years are: 1. Cloud Computing applications such as Google Docs; and 2. Mobile Technologies such as the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Literacy Information: Reading Lists - This is a resource orriginated by an Osseo Area elementary teacher to help collaborate with other teachers to share lesson plans and identify age appropriate books by topic.

The Silent Epidemic - While this is not new (it was published in 2006) I do think it is worth a read if you have never seen it. The Silent Epidemic is a summary of research that was funded by the Gates Foundation that identifies reasons why students drop out of school. It is by far the most comprehensive study ever done on the subject.

Street With a View - Street With a View is a large-scale art project recently done in Pitsburg that utilizes Google Maps "Street View" as it's medium. It is the first documented time "Street View" has been used as an artistic medium. If you are unfamiliar with "Street View," it is a feature in Google Maps that allows you to virtually drive down streets in most major cities (They even drive past Goodhue now). Google stitches multiple images together to create an immersive environment that can be viewed in 360 degrees.

clevr - clevr is a new online service/tool that lets you take pictures from a normal digital camera and stitch them together to make 360 degree panoramas. It is free and worth a look. This tool will also be in the digital backpack the next time I update it.